Speed Dating with Java - How to find out if there can be something between YOU AND “Java”

I have never been speed dating. Unless….you call leaving a date early after you have gotten all the information you need, than I have. However, I can assure you Java is much more interesting than one of “THOSE” dates.  

This tutorial will quickly breeze through Java. Maybe you need to know it for an interview or possibly for a Tech Meetup and you want to be able to add value to the conversation. It doesn’t matter what you are into I got you covered ;-).

Our Goal:

We are creating a class createfirstbook that will print a message “Aqueelah is Writing a Street Safety Book: http://hoodrulesthebook.com" on the console


- You have downloaded Java (If not got to the following link): http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp

-You have set up your environment Variables “if required” (If Windows 7 you can view my previous post about JAVA): http://aq-kiss.tumblr.com/post/27368225595/setting-your-java-environment-variables-on-windows-7

- You are familiar with CMD (Command Prompt)

- You have Text Editor Software Installed such as NOTEPAD++ etc.

Things to know:

-These are Windows 7 based instructions you can view the links to figure out how to access on a particular OS (Operating System). However, everything else should be similar.

- We are only going to cover classes in this tutorial

- For creating a class we need to understand the below:

This class contains  publicstatic and void java keywords (these are pre-defined words in java which carries specific meaning).

- public keyword specifies the accessibility issues of a class. Here, It specifies that method can be accessed from anywhere.

- static keyword  indicates that this method can be invoked simply by using the name of the class without creating any class-object.

- void keyword specifies that this method will not return any type of data.

-main() method is the main entry point of the program, to start execution. First of all JVM calls the main method of a class and start execution .  JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is responsible for running java programs.

  1. args is a string array that takes values from java command line. It’s index starts from ‘0’. We can access values by writing args[0], args[1] etc.
  2. println() function prints the output to the standard output stream (monitor).
  3. out represents the standard output stream (monitor).

Steps to get Started:

- Open NOTEPAD++ or whatever text editor you have on your machine

- Copy and paste the below code

class createfirstbook{

 public static void main(String[] args) {

  System.out.println(“Aqueelah is Writing a Street Safety Book: http://hoodrulesthebook.com”);



- Save your program as “createfirstbook.java”  in the appropriate directory

- From your Windows 7 machine go to the Start Menu and type CMD

- When you type CMD and your Command Prompt comes up make sure the directory is where your Java Programs are stored. For example in my case it is “C:\Users\agrant>”

- At the Command Prompt type – javac createfirstbook.java

- After your program is compiled and comes back with no errors at the second command prompt type – java createfirstbook

- Javac is to compile your Java Program which involves error checking

- Typing the second time is to run the program

- Since there are no errors in the above code it will execute and print

Aqueelah is Writing a Street Safety Book: http://hoodrulesthebook.com

Aqueelah Coding Blooper:  

(“There is always some Monday detail missing from the code” ~ Office Space the movie)

While creating this tutorial I had two different Java programs saved under different “names”. However, the code had the same class name which was “createfirstprogram”.  Every time I tried to compile the second program I received an error on “main”.

I renamed the class for this tutorial “class createfirstbook”, saved again and it compiled successfully. 

Are you ready for your second date with Java? Look out for most post in the near future.

Additional Resources:




Python the Programming Language for Lovers - Windows Instruction Set

Okay so the Title of my post is a little drastic but it got your attention.

I’m on a journey to know every programming language that exists in some form or fashion.

I also know that Python is very big in the gaming industry and that is an industry I have recently become interested in. So let’s stop the chatter so you TOO can fall in love with code!

Things to know: 

Python is case sensitive

Python is easy to use which is another way of saying Python speaks English

Python is installed by default on most systems EXCEPT for Windows Machines

Assumption: You are on a Windows Machine

Steps for beginners to get going quickly:

- If Python is not already installed on your machine use the below link to download: 

http://www.python.org/download/  (FYI - If you are on Windows7 you most likely have a 64bit machine)

- Once you have downloaded you can go to your Start Menu and select Python27 or whatever version you have downloaded. Please note that this example is specific to Python27 however

- Select Python (Command Line) option

- Once you receive the Python (Command Line) pop up window start coding the following as an example:

print “Aqueelah is writing a Street Safety Book”

Your result for the above will be - Aqueelah is writing a Street Safety Book

How freaking simple was that?! 

- Now lets store a variable and then print it as we do in other programming languages on the Python (Command Line) start coding the following as an example:


The above stores the variable for later use

print my_variable

Your result for the above will be 


Aqueelah Blooper Moment:

During coding you are NOT supposed to put ” (quotes) around the “my_variable” when you are trying to print as it recognizes it as a string when you do that.

So if you make a mistake and type:

print “my_variable” your result will be my_variable and NOT the stored number as you expected. 

Additional Resources:

http://www.learnpython.org/ (Free Interactive Tutorial where you won’t have to download Python to use)



Setting your Java Environment Variables on Windows 7

Setting your Java Environment Variables on Windows 7

I was following instructions to Set my Java Environment up but the instructions were for Windows XP. So I had to find the setup for Windows 7 and felt like sharing :-). 

Assumptions: You have Windows 7 and you have recently downloaded “jdk1.7.0_05” from “http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp”

1) After you have downloaded right click on “My Computer”

2) When Control Panel appears click “Remote Settings”

3) Click “Advanced”

4) Click “Environment Variables”

5) When “System Properties” pop up appears go down to “System Variables” and click “New”

6) For Variable value “Path”

7) For Variable Name copy and paste “c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_05\bin”

You should now be able to use the “javac” external command to compile your Java Programs

Problem Solved: HTML5 issue with Yahoo Small business

Continuation of: http://aq-kiss.tumblr.com/post/22233883202/html5-and-yahoo-small-business-hosting-issue


There was a coding issue on my end where I had an additional  </video> closing tag which caused the player not to displayed. The visit.gif call that is generated from Yahoo is an unrelated issue. 

I am very excited that the aq_html5 player is working, now I have to make a few cosmetic tweaks. 

…stay tuned